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Goutham Jay

Updated: Mar 28, 2024


Click through a step-by-step, interactive demo walkthrough of Famewall, powered by Supademo.


The Testimonial Wall This is your Testimonial Wall in Famewall which contains all the testimonials
Testimonial Collection Page Use the Testimonial Collection Page to collect testimonials from customers Add a personalized video asking for a testimonial & customize the page to suit your brand style You can guide your customers by asking specific questions
Share your Collection Page You can either Copy the link of the collection page to share with your customers or Embed the collection page in your website
Review Collected Testimonials Famewall notifies you via email when you receive new testimonials You can view all the collected text/video testimonials in your dashboard & approve those you'd like to see in your public testimonial wall
Import testimonials Import testimonials from already existing sources right into your testimonial wall
Embed testimonials on your website with style Customize the appearance of your testimonials on widgets by choosing from a variety of settings And add the testimonials to your website with the embed code
Wall of Fame Page The wall of fame page is a standalone page accessible via a URL that has all the testimonials with a call to action Share this wall of fame page with your customers in emails and see an increase in conversions
Manage your team & Organize social proof Easily add team members to your account and enable automations to use testimonials as a marketing engine
Testimonial Organizer Organize testimonials, search and move them across walls to display testimonials on landing page, pricing page etc.
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